Endless Loop Bowstring


Brownell B50 (Dacron) or low creep BCY DynaFLIGHT 97 (Dyneema) bowstrings built to spec.

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Unless specified endless loop bowstring string will be built standard 4″ shorter than recurve AMO bow length or 3″ shorter than longbow bow length. Recurve end-loops will be slightly larger and longbow end-loops will be slightly smaller.

  • B50 endless loop bowstrings will be black with brown #4 end serving.
  • D97 endless loop bowstrings will be red with teal No. 3D end serving.

Your choice of center serving.

Additional information

String Material

B50 Dacron, D97 Low creep

Bow Style

Longbow, Recurve

Strand Count

10, 12, 14, 16

Center Serving

.014 Halo, .019 Halo, .021 #4, .021 Halo, .025 Powergrip, .030 Halo, .032 Powergrip


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