Getting the Shakespeare Tuned to the Cedar Arrows

Grouping of wooden arrows on NFAA target face
A well-tuned setup produces a better grouping

I’ve been working on tuning this bow to the new wooden arrows I built. I’ve brought my nocking point down a bit. Initially I let some twists out of the new string to get closer to the bow’s 7.5″ recommended brace height. Now that the string is shot in, and has settled from some initial stretching, I’ve been adding twists back and now have it maintaining that optimal brace height. I’ve also added some beaver balls string silencers, and have shot a good many practice rounds. My 15 yard group is tightening up, and coming closer to center. Shooting 4 fletched, and one bareshaft now, I see that the bare is still kicking its nock a bit high, but I’m not too concerned with that since it is regularly grouping with the fletched arrows. Still a good bit of work to do this month if I plan to glue on some Eskimos and take this rig into the deer woods on occasion. We’ll see how I make out at 20, after a little more work at 15 yards.