Modify Your Bow Quiver to a Side Quiver

bow quiver modified to side quiver
bow quiver modified to side quiver
My new side quiver

I was recently given the idea, from one of the archery forums, of how simple it might be to convert a strap-on bow quiver to a side quiver by using “a wood or metal piece to separate the hood and arrow holder by 18″ or so.” I was having some difficulty maintaining good groups with the longbow with a quiver attached, and since it’s off there, I am loving the simple elegance of my bare bow and the convenience of the side quiver. I also find I shoot better!

I just happened to have the perfect piece of scrap metal laying around — a flat rolled section of air conditioning duct metal left behind by the HVAC tech. I wrapped it in camo gun tape, and drilled a 1/4″ hole in each end. I then disassembled my bow quiver and built the strap from a cheap bag of rawhide scraps from a craft store. I braided three long lengths of 1/4″ rawhide strips and fed the ends through each end of my 1.5″ X 10 inch pieces of rawhide. I’m sure an old belt would have worked just as well, but I love the look and feel of the braided leather. All that was left to do was punch a hole at each end of the strap and screw everything together. I added a loop of rawhide lace to the gripper end so I could hang the quiver in my treestand and easily access it for an important second-chance shot.

I’m very pleased with the way it came out. I think I will be done with bow mounted quivers for now on. This was so easy to make, and it allows me extra freedom when carrying my hunting bow in the woods.