Traditional Bowhunting in Lehigh Valley, PA

Getting Ready for Turkey Season

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March is winding down and it is time to get serious about Spring Gobbler hunting. I recently acquired a vintage Bear Kodiak Hunter recurve and just finished building a set of wooden arrows to shoot from her. The Bow I was lucky enough to pick up this mid-70’s era Bear…

Modify Your Bow Quiver to a Side Quiver

On September 27, 2014, Posted by , In Quivers, With Comments Off on Modify Your Bow Quiver to a Side Quiver

I was recently given the idea, from one of the archery forums, of how simple it might be to convert a strap-on bow quiver to a side quiver by using “a wood or metal piece to separate the hood and arrow holder by 18″ or so.” I was having some…

A Little More Tuning

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I wasn’t settled with that bareshaft nock kicking high and right, so I did a little more tuning. I added one more complete twist to the bowstring and moved my silencers out a hair closer to the limb tips, and also went from 125gr points to 145 all to adjust…

Getting the Shakespeare Tuned to the Cedar Arrows

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I’ve been working on tuning this bow to the new wooden arrows I built. I’ve brought my nocking point down a bit. Initially I let some twists out of the new string to get closer to the bow’s 7.5″ recommended brace height. Now that the string is shot in, and…

New Wooden Arrows, New Flemish Twist String, 48 Year Old Shakspeare

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Today I took some first shots with the new wooden arrows, off a new flemish twist string from the Yukon X-24. First three shots showed a respectable high group at 15 yards. At 18 yards, I can see right away – by the low bareshafts kicking their nocks high –…

Cresting, Fletching and Nock Tapers

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Last night I started cresting the new arrow shafts. My cresting is more for an indication of brace height than for design aesthetics. The forward mark is at 7.5″ from nock throat to show recommended brace height for this bow to the pivot point, or deepest part of the grip….

Glued Nocks on the Wooden Arrows

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My sealant finally cured hard enough to move on to next steps with my wooden arrows build. Last night I carefully examined each arrow’s end grain so that I could orient my arrow nock grooves and string perpendicular to the grain, with the runners facing up. I made a small…

New Center Serving for the Longbow

On July 16, 2014, Posted by , In Strings, With No Comments

Last night I stayed up late and put a new center serving on the Omega longbow. 6 3/4″ of BCY Halo serving thread. Worked out just right – and at lunch today (yesterday now) I was having a hard time missing the bullseye at 20 yards on my homemade target…

Smoked Venison Bottom Round

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Dinner tonight was a bottom round roast, eye separated, from a young deer killed last October. After removing all fat and silverskin, I rubbed the roast with kosher salt, cracked peppercorns, garlic powder, Hungarian paprika and brown sugar. Then I popped it into the Brickmann Smoker grill for two hours…

A New Set of Woodies

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I’ve been shooting a lot of GT traditional carbon arrows out of the longbow lately – which doesn’t seem so “trad.” Since I just bought a 50 year old vintage recurve, I thought I’d build a new set of woodies. This morning I put the second coat of Sikkens Cetol…